Let us do all the hard work so you don't have to


Happy Landlords

Wouldn’t it be great to find the perfect tenant for your property? One that stays long-term, always pays their rent, takes care of your property and never complains? We can be that perfect tenant for you.

How does it work?

We meet you at your property for a free no obligation viewing.  We make you an offer within 24 hours of viewing your property. If you accept our offer we become your tenant.  We provide you with a legal agreement setting out the rental terms.  We take over the management of the house and fill it with our professional tenants. You receive your guaranteed rent for up to 5 years with no hidden fees and charges paid by standing order into your bank every single month.  We return your house to you in great condition at the end of the agreement.

The benefits to you of having us as your tenant:
  • You will receive your rent every month for up to five years

  • You will be paid for full occupancy without having to worry about empty rooms or non-paying tenants

  • You can relax whilst we find new tenants and contact agents on your behalf

  • No more headaches of fixing leaks or tenants losing keys – that’s our responsibility to sort out, not yours

  • No more utility or council tax bills – we pay all of those

  • No more organising painting, decorating or furnishing – we take care of all of that too

  • No need to worry about the tenants living in your property as we specialise in placing professional and corporate tenants in high-quality shared housing

Beautifully Maintained Properties

We will even take care of light refurbishments of your property with the aim of creating a stylish and comfortable home, adding value and ensuring that your property looks great.


And you can be sure that we will carry out regular inspections and keep everything in tip-top shape by only using our qualified and recommended tradespeople. 


So if having stress-free property ownership is of interest to you, then call us today and we will take the hassle out of your property for you.

Why choose
Serene Property Solutions?

As landlords ourselves, we understand that your property is a valuable asset and you need to know that it’s being properly looked after.  With Serene Property Solutions you can relax knowing your property is in a safe pair of hands.


We will manage every aspect of your property with the utmost professionalism. From sourcing only the best professional tenants, light refurbishment by qualified and trusted tradespeople, to regular cleaning and inspections – we will treat your property as if it were our own, whilst guaranteeing  your rent and maintaining your property to a highest standard.

See the example below to see how much more money you could be making by renting your property to Serene Property Solutions

Example of the extra money you could receive
by renting your property to Serene Property Solutions
Traditional Rent
SPS Guaranteed Rent
Agreed Rent
Annual Rental Income
Typical void periods (6 weeks)
Property repairs contingency (5% of rent = £70 a month)
Gas Certificate
Other Certificates
Other incidental costs
Net income you receive annually
Your income over 5 years
Your savings over 5 years
So if you would like a fully hands-off quality service, no fees at all ever, guaranteed rent every single month, and  greater rental income, get in touch today...